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Animal Quiz Description

Animal quiz game for kids. Do tigers lay eggs or can penguins fly?

This game tests your kid’s knowledge about animals. The game is entirely built up of pictures, so no reading is required.

You can try the lite version before buying the game.

Each game consists of 5 quiz rounds:
An animal is shown in the background and 3 questions are given animal. The questions and animals are randomized for each quiz round.

Each question is shown as an icon (for example a wing), and the question is read aloud if the icon is clicked.
Answer by clicking the green button for yes or the red button for no. If the quiz round is completed in 3 clicks a gold medal is awarded, if more clicks are used a silver star or a red star are awarded.
After the 5th round the score is displayed as stars and numbers.

This version has 19 animals and up to 10 questions for each.

The questions are fact checked and questions on specific animals that can be hard to determine the right answer for are left out. Please let me know if some questions/answers are confusing, or if you have ideas for new questions or animals you would like to have included.

Tested on kids!

Still to do:
- More question categories
- More animals

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