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ANT Radio Service Description

Interface to ANT™ Radio on phones with ANT wireless support. Think of it as exactly the same as the Bluetooth Service included in Android, but for a wireless solution that uses less battery. This is not an app, it is a small (only uses 184KB) background service apps use.

HTC have included this on the Rhyme; as it is used by the Endomondo app. Sony Ericsson have also pre-installed this on many of their phones; as it is used by the SportyPal app. Android will not let you uninstall these "system apps" in this case.

Some ANT compatible applications:
-My Tracks
-Garmin Fit™
-SportyPal/WIND SportyPal/eTræning
-Denon Sport
-Humana Fit
-CDPHP InMotion
-IpSmartHr – Smart Extras™
-Kinomap Maker
-Cardio Running Coach/Cardio Coach/Cardio Cycling Coach
-Run.GPS Trainer UV
-Heart Rate Monitor plus
-Heart rate monitor
-Heart Rate Monitor Ant+
-Linha de Chegada
-Selfloops/Selfloops Service
-Cache Beacon


ANT™-powered network nodes can operate for years on a coin cell battery compared to months for other technologies. Rich in capabilities, ANT provides reliable data communications, flexible and adaptive network operation and cross-talk immunity.

ANT+ represents the interoperability function that can be added to the base ANT protocol. A managed network, ANT+ facilitates the collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data for monitoring of all personal wellness information…anywhere, anytime.
By using ANT+, manufacturers – designing bike computers diagnostics, power meters, heart rate monitors etc. – ensure compatibility with other leading suppliers. ANT+ guarantees seamless digital wireless communication, long battery life and communication reliability.

See for more details on ANT/ANT+.


ANT+ enabled phones:
Any device with USB Host feature and a connected ANT USB stick.

- Rhyme


Sony Ericsson / Sony
- Xperia acro S
- Xperia ion
- Xperia S
- Xperia active
- Xperia arc
- Xperia arc S
- Xperia mini
- Xperia mini pro
- Xperia neo
- Xperia neo V
- Xperia pro
- Xperia ray
- Live with Walkman
- Xperia X8*
- Xperia X10 mini*
- Xperia X10 Mini pro*

* May require system update.

(Note that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is not included on this list, it does not include the necessary hardware).


Permissions required:
Hardware controls:
* Use ANT radio interface, control ANT radio configuration:
Allows the service to use it's own functionality.
* Use ANT radio hardware:
To connect to the ANT hardware.
* Control vibrator:
Only 1 application can have control at a time. If an application wants to take control of the ANT Interface from another application, the ANT Radio Service will create a notification so you can choose to allow control to be transferred. Default vibrate/beep/flash LED settings will be used, so it may want to vibrate your phone at this point.

Network communication:
* Full Internet access:
The ANT Radio Service can be installed on the Android Emulator and utilizes an ANT USB Stick on a Windows PC when used in conjunction with the ANT Android Emulator Tools. To do this it uses a local TCP socket connection to the bridge application on your PC, which requires the INTERNET permission.

System tools:
* Modify global system settings:
This allows initialisation of whether ANT should be turned off or kept on when Airplane mode is entered.
* Automatically start at boot:
This service doesn't run at startup, but needs to detect the BOOT COMPLETED notification to make sure the connection to the system service doesn't occur before it is initialised (which is at BOOT COMPLETED).


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