Autosleeper Auto power ON-OFF

LAST UPDATED:Mar 02, 2014 Free
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Autosleeper Auto power ON-OFF Description

- Your Tablet goes automatically to Stand By mode when you turn off the car engine
- The Song you were listening to Pauses
- When you turn on the engine the Tablet goes On again without pressing the Power Button:
- Your GPS is on again
- Your music continues exactly where you had left it
- You decide if you want your Tablet to go to Stand By mode or to Off mode
- You decide within how many seconds after you turn off your engine you want your Tablet to deactivate.
- Autosleeper is designed for Tablets and Smartphones
It’s absolutely the best App for Auto tablets: Free, useful and cool.
Autosleeper is FREE, designed by the, the global community of developers who make our lives easier.

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