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With Google phone, you can sync your Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Picasa Albums with Google's Service.But how about your SMS, MMS and Call log?Backup to Gmail can help you to backup SMS, MMS and Call log to Gmail labels automatically.You can also restore SMS and Call log from Gmail to any android device.Remember to enable IMAP in Gmail and set the correct time/zone."communication error..." error message during first connect? Please double check your Gmail account setup.Some droid X/2 users: due to a timezone bug of motorola's firmware, incoming messages might not be backed up.XOAuth might not work when you are signed up for 2-step verification. In this case you need to create an application-specific password and enable plain text authentication in preference. Use the username and password you created.#keys: SMS Backup, MMS Backup, Call log backup#0.4.7
bug fixes for call log backing up under Galaxy S II.
bug fixes for call log restoring under android 4.x.
Gmail OAuth login support (password not required anymore).
Add move to SD.
Restore support for SMS & Call log

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