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gContactsPro Description

This is the Pro version of the gContactsgContacts is a phone book with a variety of functions, with an emphasis on ease of use, clarity.
Extensive search, the shortcut button, you can phone and e-mail quickly.[Function Group]
● The ability to create a group
● a contact to the group shelf registration
● Sort function groups[Search function]
● Find the name, nickname, phone number, email address, company name
● (grouping for each company name) belonging Search
● initial search, such as rows, or sub-line[Registration function]
● display function read / QR code
● Contact Management in cooperation with Bizcaroid (card reader)
● import and export functions of the contact (backup)
● birthday, anniversary, nickname or maiden name can be registered as well as![Others]
● Sending bulk mail (TO, CC, BCC) of the / SMS
● mailing list feature
● outgoing prefix function
● Set free layout
● Other general features of the phone book

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