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Rhapsody Description

Rhapsody gives you instant access to 18 million songs to play wherever life takes you. Build your perfect ad-free music experience. Rhapsody goes where you go, even when you’re offline, on your phone, tablet and even in your car. Join the millions of people who have made Rhapsody part of their daily routine.

- Unlimited playback and downloading of over 18 million tracks
- New radio! 100% Ad-free radio YOU control. Create artist and track-based stations. Preview upcoming tracks, tune the variety, unlimited skipping and favoriting.
- Download music to play even when offline
- New music releases every week with personalized new music alerts for your favorite artists
- Exclusive editorially curated content
- Blazing fast playback
- High quality audio
- Integrated app support for Ford Sync
- Music Intelligence provided by The Echo Nest

A Rhapsody trial or subscription is required. Streaming music requires an active internet connection.

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