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If you would like to try Tablet Talk, we use a 48+ hour refund policy. Just send us an email after the Play Store 15 minute period.
Text from your Tablet, using your Android phone number.Some things are just better on your Android Tablet. Texting with Tablet Talk is one of them. By easily linking your Android phone and tablet with Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network, you can SMS from your tablet, using your Android phone & number!Looking to text from your new Nexus 7? Tablet Talk is especially designed for both 7" screens and Android tablets with larger screens. It can also be used for syncing between two Android phones, or a Galaxy Player and an Android phone.****************Tablet Talk uses a direct connection, so that:★ Instant. Messages send and receive without delay.★ Privacy. SMS sync directly between your tablet and Android phone. They are not uploaded or saved onto company servers. ★ Phone calling. Your tablet rings instantly when you receive a call. Use a headset with your phone and dial/answer calls from the tablet.★ Convenience. It only runs when you want it to.★ Text anywhere, anytime, with or without internet. Easily switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.★ Loads of features: quick reply popup, MMS & group MMS support, scrolling inbox widgets, rich expandable notifications, custom themes, DashClock Extensions, SMS delivery reports, emoticons/smilies, and more (too many to list)!****************Tether your phone and tablet? Use Tablet Talk to link your tablet over your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, so no mobile data is used to transfer your texts. You can also link over Bluetooth when Bluetooth tethering!Use a Bluetooth headset with your phone? Combined with Tablet Talk, you can even dial and answer calls directly from the tablet, including a full call log. You will never need to take your phone out of your pocket!Use your tablet as an in-dash car system? Use Tablet Talk with a Bluetooth headset to control phone calls from your dash: no internet connection required! Please, no texting and driving.****************Instructions: Install the Tablet Talk app on both your tablet and Android phone. You only need to buy the app once: it will appear under My Apps on both your phone and tablet. There is no subscription, and updates will always be free.Setup is very simple, with detailed instructions and help available in the app.For questions and more info see or select Help from the app's menu.****************If you would like to try Tablet Talk, we use a 48+ hour refund policy. Just send us an email after the Play Store 15 minute period.****************FAQ1. Go SMS, Handcent, and MIUI users: Please see the FAQ inside Tablet Talk for a quick and easy fix if messages are not automatically syncing to the tablet. Tablet Talk works with all the popular SMS apps for Android. Tablet Talk does not replace how you text with your phone.2. iPhone: Tablet Talk is not possible on the iPhone. If you accidentally got the app please email us.keywords: tablet sms sending ,sms tablet apps, sms from tablet, mms tablet, picture message from tablet talk from tablet, mms picture messaging from tablet, tablet talk, tablet apps that send sms from tablet

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