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Type While Walk Description

Type while walk is an android app that helps users to type/read an SMS message while walking, typing and sitting along with showing what is in front of them on the streets or anywhere else. This is a novel concept that will allow users to do two things at a time: compose/read message and look at the path ahead. The app is more efficient for people who frequently walk and text as this application is specially designed for maximum camera interface on the background. The most important aspect of this app is the fast loading of camera and zero battery drain when the application is not in use. The app has regular features and also many advanced features.

Type while walk is a messaging application for android phones to text message while walking, typing and sitting. The users can share message through Facebook, email, SMS, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google plus etc with live camera background from the app itself. The messages will be sent as per the regular SMS plans of the service provider. The key features of the application are as follows.

• Slick Design: The app has a very elegant, fresh and user friendly design.
• Torch: Walking at dark or at night? No problem, you just only need to click on the flash icon and the LED Flash of your device will light up the way. This feature activates the torch on clicking upon it depending on the mode selected. It gets activated with a single click in night mode.
• Transparent screen throughout Application: The app has the camera view displayed in the background throughout all the screens of the app.
• New Color Picker: With new and improved color picker, users can select their preferred color and type messages in those colors.
• Get Recent Message History: From a single click, users can get the names of the recent three contacts to whom the messages were sent from the phone. Users can also send message to recent three persons of Inbox or they can open entire contact list and select the contact manually.
• Open Message Conversation: User can open entire conversation of any person and can directly chat with him. User can also copy/delete a message from the conversation.
• Toggle the Camera View: If the user is no more walking and still wants to continue using app features, he can simply switch the camera view off and can save the battery.
• Transparent keyboard throughout Application: Along with transparent screen, the user will also have transparent keyboard throughout the app.
• Notifications: The user can set the notifications for incoming messages to be on or off.
• Multiple Languages: This application supports top 8 languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spain and Italian.
• Tweet on Single Tap: If you are already logged in your Twitter account, you will able to tweet on single tap. You can log in from the application’s Settings screen to do so.
• Copy Text to Clipboard: You can copy the text written in message box to the clip board and can paste it anywhere in your device.
• Text to Audio: Users can listen to the incoming messages rather than opening the message right away to read it.
• Voice to Text Conversion: Converts your voice to text and lets you select correct word from suggestion list, which you can send to anyone. This helps to save a lot of time spend in typing.
• Character Count: Character count feature displays the total length of characters typed in the text box.
• Capture images: Capture image while typing and share it on Facebook, Whatsapp or any other installed clients.
• Share Messages on Whatsapp: Share the message you are typing on Whatsapp directly.
• Shake & Launch: Launch the app just by shaking your mobile device. This can be disabled from the app’s Settings Page.

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