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YP Local Search & Gas Prices Description

Watch your productivity skyrocket with this new, fully redesigned app from YP. Search over 19 million business listings by typing, speaking, or browsing popular categories such as movie theaters, hotels, banks, auto repair shops, bars, shopping destinations and more. Satisfy food cravings by browsing over 350,000 restaurant menus to figure out who's got the dishes you want, when you want them.

Looking for a great plumber in the area? Done. The nearest ATM? Found. Cheap gas near you? Get pumped – it’s all here. The YP℠ app helps you get things done, and fast, making room for all those other things you like to do in life. Like eat, shop and sleep.

• Pinpoint the cheapest gas prices nearby so you can knock things off your to-do list, uninterrupted.

• Save big with thousands of local coupons, deals and discounts from businesses and services near you.*

• Get quick, one-tap access to YP’s 19 million business listings by simply adding the YP widget bar to your phone’s home screen.

• Be it a pizza place, grocery store or spa, you’ll get all the most relevant information about the places you’re searching for, including:

- Phone numbers (of course)
- Maps and directions
- Ratings and reviews
- Photos (you can even upload your own, if you so choose)
- Hours of operation

What’s the most you can get done in a day? Time to find out!
YP is the new way to do.

*Some restrictions may apply. Please call first to confirm the business will accept this coupon. Not all businesses accept mobile coupons for YP aka the Yellow Pages.

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